About Me

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Hey! I’m Danielle Clark and this is the blog I started for your convenience if you’re considering me as a photographer. The ‘Peter’ in the title refers to my camera, Peter Parker (yes, I named him after Spiderman). You probably already know this if you’re on my blog, though, so go ahead and browse around. 🙂 Most of you are probably here about senior pictures. (How did we get so old?) I can assure you that I’ll do my best to make it the best experience possible (for both of us). Families, you’re welcome, too!

I began my photography journey in Freshman year, when I took Photography I with Mrs. Trailor. It all began with a little pink point-and-shoot… I fell in love. It was that Christmas that I received a not-so-surprise dSLR. (I had contributed to the fund, myself, after all.) The rest is history. At first, I thought that nature photography was the only way to go. But, the flowers from our garden lost their appeal after a few too many shots of the same buds. I slowly branched out into portrait photography, which is my favorite now. I like to think that I improve with every shoot. And so here we are, with me offering to take photos of you. You are part of my journey now, if you want to be. So, come on; let’s give this a shot (no pun intended).


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